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Duncan and Bo Go to Westworld – “Trace Decay”


How far we have come…  With “Trace Decay,” we get more Maeve, more Teddy, more Ford and more abuse for poor Bernard.  On this latest episode of Duncan and Bo Go to Westworld, your heroes get into the frustration of this episode’s suspension of disbelief and marvel again at Sir Anthony Hopkins getting it done.  We point out some clues that we feel absolutely confirm a long-standing theory and introduce a new theory involving that host under the house.

We’re drawing to the conclusion of this season and we have some opinions on how we want to see this wrap up.  Jump in and let’s get set for the next episode together!


Duncan and Bo Go To Westworld – “The Adversary” and “Trompe L’Oeil”



Hello, my droogies, and get ready for a brand new episode of Duncan and Bo Go to Westworld! We’re behind two episodes, so we double down and cover episode six, “The Adversary,” and episode seven, “Trompe L’Oeil,” two slam-bang episodes with big reveals and even bigger questions.  We get into it all, from confirmations of some of our theories to brand new speculations that twist what we think of the show and “The Maze.”  Also, some listener feedback and what we expect from the remaining episodes.  And Maeve is, undeniably, the best.  Get caught up before the episode eight premiere with your pals, one of whom is certainly not a host.


Duncan and Bo Go to Westworld: Episode 5 – Contrapasso



Welcome back to our latest look at the futuristic theme park known as Westworld.  This time around, we INTENDED to record a show covering episodes five and six, but conspiracy theories took over and we’ll be splitting it into two shows.  This time around, then, we get deep into the dual timelines theory and Duncan offers up his views on why this is making more and more sense, Bo doubles down on space ships, we get a Heat-like scene with two actors doing great work, the elephant (trunk) in the room, we offer dueling Anthony Hopkins impressions, and so, so much more!  Get your notes out, we’re getting twisty this time on Duncan and Bo Go to Westworld!


Duncan and Bo Go to Westworld – Episode 4 “Dissonance Theory”


Welcome to a new episode of Duncan and Bo Go to Westworld!  We’re almost halfway through the season and every answer only raises more questions.  Like, what is The Maze?  Why is the Man in Black hunting for it?  Why should Delores go there?  Is this the best performance Anthony Hopkins has given since Silence of the Lambs?  How can Bo screw up the last line of the podcast so thoroughly?

Also, more speculations and a surprising agreement on the fate of the Man in Black.  Want to be free?  Hit play!

Duncan and Bo Go to Westworld – Episode 3 “The Stray”


Three episodes in and we’re getting deeeeeep!  Join your faithful pals, Duncan and Bo, as we explore the widening mysteries of Westworld.  Couldn’t we think of a better name than the Milk bandit?  Or Rifle Lady?  What about that Magic-era Anthony Hopkins?  And they call Clue what in the UK?!  It’s time to get real (or maybe robotic) on our latest journey into this futuristic theme park and bask in speculation!

Also, your questions and our first audio message!  Drop us a line with your own thoughts at or over on Facebook right here!

Closing song: I Am an Excellent Steel Horse by Rock Plaza Central

See you next week!

Duncan and Bo Go to Westworld – Episode 1 “The Original” & Episode 2 “Chestnut”


Hey there, all you hosts and guests!  It’s time for Duncan and Bo to reunite for a trip to Westworld, HBO’s newest series offering.  We delve into this sci-fi mystery aided by Walken-bot, whore mistresses and speculation on Freddie Mercury’s choice of Westworld attire.  Also, our speculations on where this thing is headed and reviews of each episode!  Hop on the train to Sweetwater with us and find out if Duncan is the man he claims to be.

Duncan and Bo Come Correct – Ah, Romance!


The final regular episode of season two has arrived, and it’s a doozy!  Our heroes’ eyes turn to love and romance…  you know, peeing on people and child murder!  In typical DBCC fashion, our sinister cinephiles look at the Lawrence Kasdan-directed The Accidental Tourist and the surreal lesbian D/s tale, The Duke of Burgundy.  Can William Hurt and Geena Davis stand tall against corsets and watersports?  Listen in to find out!

Also, we talk recent viewing of that Martyrs remake, Green Room and a new-ish horror-comedy called Ava’s Possessions!

Next time out, Duncan and Bo Come Incorrect!!!


Duncan and Bo Come Correct – Master Sleuths!



Duncan and Bo turn their perceptive eyes toward two impressive detective films.  Duncan goes classic with Coppola’s The Conversation while Bo counters with the under-seen Zero Effect.  Can anything top Duncan’s classic from the 1970s?  Also, why is Duncan watching Adam Sandler movies?  And why does a ghost film turn into a time-travel move?  These questions and more answered on the latest Duncan and Bo Come Correct!


Duncan and Bo Come The X-Files – Episode 6: My Struggle II


This is the end…

Welcome to the sixth and final installment of Duncan and Bo Come The X-Files!  It’s been a long, strange trip, but now we come to the season finale of both our recaps and The X-Files proper.  Spoilers will, of course, abound.  We discuss the episode itself, some of the head-scratching character beats and revisit the idea of whether The X-Files will come back after the events of this last episode, and whether it should…  Also, impressions of the B-52s, a cross-cultural agreement on potato-based food nomenclature and angry Duncan.

We’d like to thank you again for joining us through this six-episode run of shenanigans!

Duncan and Bo Come Correct – Halloweenerie!



It’s that time of the year… the leaves are turning, there’s a chill to the air, and Duncan and Bo have returned to battle on the fields of horror.  With the score tied once more, Duncan gets foreign (naturally) with the Belgian surrealist horror film Calvaire, while Bo goes all American with the tale of a discarded alligator that grows to enormous size in the sewers of Chicago called, naturally, Alligator.  Also, we discuss Unfriended and The Visit and pitch a million dollar idea for a Halloween-based eaterie.  Put up your dukes, it’s time to fight over who has come most correct!