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Duncan and Bo Come Correct – Of Samurai and Choopers…


And now, the end is near…  Who are we kidding?  The end isn’t just near, it’s here!  The season two finale of Duncan and Bo Come Correct has arrived and it’s a doozy!  Shedding our usual, so-called “good” movies for a pair of delightfully terrible films, we are proud to present Duncan and Bo Come Incorrect.  Duncan gets tactical with the head-scratching editing and painfully wooden dialog of Samurai Cop.   Bo, who offered up Winterbeast the last time around, takes Duncan on a trip to the Blood Shack, where rodeos and single takes abound.  Enough lollygagging, let’s get incorrect!

Closing song: God Was Drunk When He Made Me by Jim White

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Duncan and Bo Come Correct – Ah, Romance!


The final regular episode of season two has arrived, and it’s a doozy!  Our heroes’ eyes turn to love and romance…  you know, peeing on people and child murder!  In typical DBCC fashion, our sinister cinephiles look at the Lawrence Kasdan-directed The Accidental Tourist and the surreal lesbian D/s tale, The Duke of Burgundy.  Can William Hurt and Geena Davis stand tall against corsets and watersports?  Listen in to find out!

Also, we talk recent viewing of that Martyrs remake, Green Room and a new-ish horror-comedy called Ava’s Possessions!

Next time out, Duncan and Bo Come Incorrect!!!