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Duncan and Bo Come The X-Files – Episode 6: My Struggle II


This is the end…

Welcome to the sixth and final installment of Duncan and Bo Come The X-Files!  It’s been a long, strange trip, but now we come to the season finale of both our recaps and The X-Files proper.  Spoilers will, of course, abound.  We discuss the episode itself, some of the head-scratching character beats and revisit the idea of whether The X-Files will come back after the events of this last episode, and whether it should…  Also, impressions of the B-52s, a cross-cultural agreement on potato-based food nomenclature and angry Duncan.

We’d like to thank you again for joining us through this six-episode run of shenanigans!

Duncan and Bo Come The X-Files


With only one episode left, your pals Duncan and Bo talk about the very political and surprisingly silly episode, Babylon.  Why did Chris Carter let Mr. Soapbox get top billing in this episode?  What do we think about Einstein and Miller?  What about the tragic death of Acting Director Grammar?  Also, a surprising amount of use of the word ‘badonkadonk.’  Join us for our penultimate episode as we rank every episode so far and discuss the hopes and concerns for the final episode.  Oh yeah, there’s also a drug trip…

Duncan and Bo Come The X-Files: Episode 4 – Home Again



With only two episodes remaining in Season Ten of The X-Files, we come off the dizzying highs of Episode Three and land right in the trash heap.  This time around, series stalwart Glen Morgan writes and directs an episode that has something to do with street art and homeless predators.  Also, Scully’s mom is dying.  Lots to pick through this time around, but we still make time for the important things, like the semantic differences between the United States and United Kingdom as it relates to trash collection, the return of an old series favorite and the subtle symbolism of trash monsters.  Enough talking, get to listening!

Duncan and Bo Come The X-Files – Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster



With two episodes of the 6-episode series down, we come to the strangest so far.  Your personal Scully & Mulder pick over the story of this episode and discuss The X-Files‘ ability to be so weird and wonderful, why shows don’t shift tone anymore, and we fall in love with Rhys Darby all over again.  Join us as we theorize about how best to bring back the show for a longer run and rank the current season’s episodes.  Guy Mann forever!