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Duncan and Bo Come Correct – The Best Movies We’ve Ever Done



This time around, Bo is a point behind as we turn our attention to documentaries.  Duncan attempts to extend his lead with the powerhouse documentary on the Buckley/Vidal debates, Best of Enemies.  Bo fires back with the dark horse doc, Call me Lucky, a profile of the life and times of comedian Barry Crimmins.  While the choice might seem obvious, these documentaries show us that nothing is just what it seems and that anything can happen.  As the title implies, these are two of the greatest films we’ve discussed and the decision for the winner this time around is tortuous for both our cinematic pugilists.


Duncan and Bo Come The X Files – Episodes 1 & 2



The long wait is over and the six episode run of brand new installments of The X Files are here!  But, how could you possibly be expected to navigate the conspiracies and new information placed before you without the aid of your dedicated duo, Duncan and Bo?  Well, let’s stop yaping and start X-Filing!  We cover the first two episodes and discuss what’s different and very much the same about this new incarnation of the influential series.  Come on in!


Duncan and Bo Come Correct – Holiday Spectacular!



Season two returns with episode seven, in which your faithful heroes debate two new films centered around the holidays.  Duncan comes strong with the buzz-worthy Tangerine, while Bo goes old school with the Jodie Foster-directed Home for the Holidays!  Can Bo’s pick overcome Duncan’s distaste for Holly Hunter (?!) or will an indie film about transsexuals in Los Angeles take the day?  This, plus the gorgeous fountain of Higgledy-Piggledy, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension and Knock Knock are discussed.